It was a cold, rainy day when the elder twin finally emerged. Twenty years spent in Hell had both strengthened the devil into a successful escape, and weakened him into a shambling mess as soon as he touched the Earth’s surface.

Weak and tired as he was, he was still not without some sense of composure. He adjusted his tattered blue coat, brushed graveyard dirt off his pants, and half stumbled, half strolled into the streets, and away from the unmarked grave he’d been dumped into after Mundus’ fall. With any luck, people will think he was just intoxicated, and not newly risen.

His body was on auto pilot, his mind forcibly numb to the aches in his joints and the burning in his muscles. His legs moved on their own accord, taking him down emptying streets and cutting through dying lawns. When his legs finally stopped, he was suddenly aware again. 

He was standing before a door he’d never expected to open again. The wood was old, but cared for, scratches and gauges polished out, the glass replaced. Surely, that meant a new homeowner was inside, there was no hope of seeing a familiar face, but he was far too tired to continue stumbling across the town in search of a roof overhead and a warm place to rest.

He didn’t knock, he needn’t not to, it would always be his rightful home. He shoved the door open.

The TV behind her was on a low volume, it was the only way she could watch it. She hated it when it was loud. It reminded her of when her toddlers would sleep on her while they all sat on the couch, and she would watch what they had all been viewing in the quiet. Sparda would come by, give her a glass of tea, and cover them all up. That was their nights. That was their life as a family. Before it was taken away.

Those were the memories she liked to hold onto when nothing else kept her busy. 

Well, save for the dishes. Running the red wash cloth across the platters, it wasn’t until she heard the door open that she was aware of someone entering the property. It wasn’t like it was forty years ago. There was no defense mechanisms that went off like they used to. Nothing guarding these gates. No children to protect. Stepping away from the sink, she turned a corner to stop in front of the entrance — only to be faced with a devil.

… A devil she hadn’t seen in a long time. 

She had lost her breath at the sight of him, only able to stare. Was it true? Had her little boy come home at last? After all this time, wandering aimlessly? Please let it be true. Please.


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Character Stats Framework.

  • full name: eva angelo.
  • other names: the bride of sparda, the witch of time.
  • age: 614.
  • birth date: april 9th.
  • ethnicity: italian, german // european.
  • gender: female.
  • preferred pronouns: she/her/hers.
  • sexual orientation: heterosexual // heteroromantic.
  • religion: agnostic atheist.
  • occupation: umbra witch.
  • status: married to the legendary dark knight sparda.
  • fandom: devil may cry
  • face claim: candice swanepoel.
  • parents: birth, deceased. // adopted, deceased.
  • siblings: birth, deceased. // adopted, deceased.
  • significant other: sparda.
  • children:  vergil, dante, possibly nero. depending.
physical traits
  • eye colour: blue. 
  • hair colour: blonde. 
  • height: 5’5”.
  • weight: 147lbs. 
  • body build: petite, ample, and curvy.
  • notable physical traits: hair is down to thighs.
phobias and diseases
  • phobias:  arsonphobia.
  • mental diseases: —-
  • when was this diagnosed?: —
usual expression/mood

[7:07:56 PM] ᴠᴀɴɪᴛʏ мcηєℓℓу: gossil
[7:07:59 PM] ᴠᴀɴɪᴛʏ мcηєℓℓу: gosp
[7:08:01 PM] Zombee: gospel
[7:08:02 PM] ᴠᴀɴɪᴛʏ мcηєℓℓу: … what’s it called
[7:08:03 PM] ᴠᴀɴɪᴛʏ мcηєℓℓу: gOSEPL
[7:08:03 PM] Stylish Alastor: gospel


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So I’m thinking here that maybe Eva wasn’t supposed to have children. Maybe she was presumed physically unable because she never bled. And that’s why she and Sparda never had children until after they lost a good portion of their powers. Maybe they planned on never having children, maybe Sparda knew Eva couldn’t conceive, and they discussed adopting frequently. Then one day, boom, she’s waking up sick, she’s exhausted, congratulations, you’re pregnant! Vergil and Dante are literally her perfect little miracle children.

sniffles because eva’s bracelet is in bayonetta 2
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don’t let anyone diminish your fire